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DIY Wooden Pallet Pipe Shelf

Every one loves to decorate their home and want to find a perfect place to be shown in the room. DIY Shelves tend to help the most when it comes to decoration, which is why I thought to make one out of the pallets. If you have some pallets in your home then try to make a simple pallet pipe shelf. It looks unique and different where you can make three-step pallet pipe shelf as well. Starting from the top, the smallest then medium size and ending with the largest. You can also place frames on it accordingly like making a family tree on the pallet pipe shelf

It is made from the simple board of pallets keeping the space in between to keep the magazines or newspaper. You can place a beautiful flower pot to make it look beautiful and attractive. By making the smooth surface of the pallet pipe shelf, paint it like the wood color so that it would look clean and tidy. The pipes are attached to the wall from the bottom of the shelf going in to the wall to keep it tightly hold. Do not prefer to put something heavy on pallet shelf so that the pallet wood does not crack, just keep the things which are light and for the sake of decoration.

DIY Pallet Storage Shelves.
DIY Wooden Pallet Pipe Shelf.