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26 Pallet Table - Moveable Piece of Art

In a completely furnished house you will find tables everywhere. The tables are used for dining tables, coffee tables, study table, computer table, bed side tables, sofa side tables, TV stand plans and almost every place is decorated with the table. So you can imagine how much wood is needed to build them up. So now stop and think if all these tables can now be coated with the help of pallet wood, we can contribute towards our nature and therefore make it worth for future use as well. Here are some amazing pallet table ideas for you to make your house recyclable:

1. Pallet dining table is created just by using the four pallets. All the four pallets ate cut in the shape and size you want your ding table to be. This type of pallet table can be used for both indoors and out door purpose. 

2. Pallet coffee table is again created by using the two types of basis. This is a rolling table with wheels in place of the foot of the table. The pallet coffee table’s base is made up of the wooden pallets and the top is made up of the glass.

Source: pinterest